Easy DIY Perfumes with Essential Oils at FHFH

This weekend was a blast! We set out in the old ‘69 Suburban up the hill to Fayetteville, Arkansas to the 2nd annual Freckled Hen Farmhouse Flower Fest! My hubby is not the most people-y type of guy :) and I was pleasantly surprised when he seemed so interested in coming along and helping me set up for this event! I couldn’t have done it without him! Here we went!


Making perfumes with our favorite Young Living essential oils is SO super easy and a great idea if you’re sensitive to all the yucky synthetics that many store and designer perfumes contain. Just combine 10-20 drops of your favorite essential oils in a 10 ml perfume bottle (I used these bottles) and top with 190 proof pure grain alcohol. In the “spirit” of the Flower Fest we used Joy, Jasmine, Geranium, Ylang Ylang and Lavender to make our custom perfumes! Remember to only choose quality, PURE essential oils with no added fragrance or adulteration. We only use Young Living all the way!

Caught this little cutie enjoy the  Peppermint  essential oil we had diffusing from the  Orb USB diffuser!  It runs on a phone charging battery!

Caught this little cutie enjoy the Peppermint essential oil we had diffusing from the Orb USB diffuser! It runs on a phone charging battery!


I’m definitely feeling all the JOY this week after getting out and about and making some fun connections and hanging with the Freckled Hens and fellow favorite local artists, Tram Colwin Art and May We Fly! Love being a part of these local events! A special thanks to Natalie and the Freckled Hen Farmhouse gang for inviting us back! Looking forward to next year!

She Has Fire in Her Soul


She has fire in her soul and grace in her heart. 

I SO love this quote! I created this piece for Better Homes and Garden's online content last year for some Mother's Day Printables but thought it so fitting right now! So I created a FREE LOCK SCREEN / WALLPAPER download for y'all! This fits most smart phones and you can crop to fit as needed.

Coming into a new year, I've been setting goals and dreaming, making lists and trying to figure out how to take actionable steps toward these goals. I've got this little jewel to remind me to keep that fire stoked! What are some actions you're working toward in 2018?

Hello 2018. I took a BIG step.

Howdy everybody! Today was productive, a good work day (makin' all the stickers), managed to get a few house chores done and I cooked a pretty tasty dinner to send Sara Jayne back up the hill for her first day back to school tomorrow. I felt like this was our last day of Christmas holiday, I guess because Sara has been here until this evening. And now, it's officially over... though it was a wonderful holiday full of good times with family, good things to eat and so many blessings! We started by celebrating 23 years of marriage on December 9th. Sara joined me in California on the 13th for a little belated girls trip/weekend for her graduation. I was able to attend the mambi holiday party and then we combed the OC beaches and visited Hollywood and Santa Monica. Christmas was so good with family gatherings and the celebration of our Saviour. Then Sara Jayne and Papa celebrated 19 as we rung in 2018 with friends. Next stop, my Dad's 68th and then Cash's 11th birthday. I think we are done partying for a bit now! lol!

I'm pretty excited because I just finished reviewing the curriculum for the first day of Flourish in 2018 with Amber Housley. Amber is a powerhouse when it comes to creativity, marketing, entreprenuership and just business in general. I suppose I've been in business for the last 15 years to some degree, but I've never legitimized it in my own mind. 2018 is the time to sink or swim. I recently heard from Sean McCabe, "if you're not growing your business, then you're going out of business." True enough, I suppose. What the heck am I doing? Well, Flourish is giving me a lot to think about. Check out the details here.

Just what is my business? Well, I've been mostly a service provider – workshops, graphic designs and calligraphy/lettering, but I've had a calling on my heart for the last three years to pursue something a bit different. Darn it, fear has paralyzed me for so long! Perfection has stifled my productivity. But, in 2018 I just have to get brave! This is something that Scott and I will work together as a side hustle –work with our hands and our whole hearts to produce good fruit. And though I'm not ready to go into much detail, I know 2018 is the year that I step towards this goal...and keep moving towards it. Let's do this!

Oh, and if you're interested, I've got a super quick survey you can help me out with. Complete it by Friday the 19th to be entered to win a $25 Amazon gift card! Yay! Here's the link.

My Day Dream...I mean job...

I've said many times...my job is too good to be true. I work at Artifex 323. Which is a very cool design studio that consists of myself and the owner, Jessica. As with any graphic design studio, we get to do some very cool projects and some luke-warm projects :) I love it all though. Truly. Do South Magazine is our client and we get to have the most fun -creatively speaking- designing the magazine layout from cover to cover. This local magazine has been around for a bit more than four years and we picked up the design in October of 2014. Something fun for me has been that I've gotten the chance to design the DIY project - so I get to produce the piece from start to finish including the layout in the publication...here's a peek at some of the projects...

January 2015

Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 8.43.41 PM.png

I included the facing page above- to note that we do a big majority of the ad design in this publication as well. I did the Basinger and Gallivanting ad design with the direction of the client and editor. 

December 2014

Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 8.51.28 PM.png

This holiday DIY was fun because I snuck in some calligraphy. The "Spice" in the title was done by hand and I incorporated some fun little tags as well. The "Sparkle and Shine" page was one of my favorite pages I've designed. Loved the opportunity to use GLITTER! (I hate glitter in real life though :)

November 2014

I dearly love this project and was so excited to have it picked up for the magazine. 

Roots Branding

Recently I had one of the MOST FUN jobs EVER. Branding Roots Salon. I've known and befriended Caroline, the owner, for a few years and she is the most beautiful gal - I just love her spirit. She reminds me of a much younger, braver version of myself in some ways. She's super talented and got moxy. I wanna be her. LOL! Anyway, I've helped style her brand with all of the elements she loves and I think it turned out pretty fab. 

Brand Style Guide

Brand Style Guide

Business Card Design

Business Card Design

Business Card Design

Business Card Design

Grand Opening Flyer

Grand Opening Flyer

Recipe Illustrations

Something I've wanted to do for a long time is try some food illustration- more specifically, recipes. I've got a few family favorites that I thought it would be fun to capture as a colorful and whimsical print...so here's my first attempt.

The story behind this recipe is that this is one of Abby's specialties. She makes chocolate pies for Daddy- his favorite. He says she makes the best chocolate pie--only second to his sweet Mama who passed many years ago. And coincidentally- this is the recipe that her other Grandma- my mother- gave her some time back. 

It was such a fun process - I'm thinking of doing a series. I really enjoyed it. 


Well, I just finished up my last workshops at Shindig for the year earlier today. Finished up our first week in the new Artifex office studio space this past week...it's so cool. And I'm literally counting my blessings one by one.

I'm working on a few new prints in calligraphy and this is one of the first I've finished. The T in today is bothering me...hmmmm...the print is pretty scrumptious on cotton rag paper though. 

This quote means a lot to me...because if you don't start...you just don't know what might happen. You don't want to look back on wasted time and regret not starting.