Inspired by a little girl- Mother's Day musings

As I sit here pondering my next move- I got an email from an old friend. #Alt Summit believes every mother counts -- and it brought me out of my funk and back to reality.

Years of hard work, sacrifice, passion…culminate in finally getting the degree I was after.

And it was all inspired by a little girl.

A tiny little girl that came to me- a gift in so many ways…Sara Jayne.


Not only did she bring me smiles, joy and treasured memories…she encouraged gifts I had within me, she made me discover my own talents and I literally found my creative self…all because of her. No ordinary store bought things quite unique enough for Sara…which led me to designing her custom baby book, sewing little frocks and taking millions of photos of this sweet, precious little angel. 

Now- over fifteen years later…I've just finished my graphic design degree and if there's anyone that I should thank first, thank most…it's Sara Jayne. She's got that creative spirit, she's beautiful, intelligent, kind and driven. She's wise beyond her years, an old soul, she's got a million gifts to offer...

and she gave the first one to me, her Mama.

#Alt Summit believes every mother counts