Hello 2018. I took a BIG step.

Howdy everybody! Today was productive, a good work day (makin' all the stickers), managed to get a few house chores done and I cooked a pretty tasty dinner to send Sara Jayne back up the hill for her first day back to school tomorrow. I felt like this was our last day of Christmas holiday, I guess because Sara has been here until this evening. And now, it's officially over... though it was a wonderful holiday full of good times with family, good things to eat and so many blessings! We started by celebrating 23 years of marriage on December 9th. Sara joined me in California on the 13th for a little belated girls trip/weekend for her graduation. I was able to attend the mambi holiday party and then we combed the OC beaches and visited Hollywood and Santa Monica. Christmas was so good with family gatherings and the celebration of our Saviour. Then Sara Jayne and Papa celebrated 19 as we rung in 2018 with friends. Next stop, my Dad's 68th and then Cash's 11th birthday. I think we are done partying for a bit now! lol!

I'm pretty excited because I just finished reviewing the curriculum for the first day of Flourish in 2018 with Amber Housley. Amber is a powerhouse when it comes to creativity, marketing, entreprenuership and just business in general. I suppose I've been in business for the last 15 years to some degree, but I've never legitimized it in my own mind. 2018 is the time to sink or swim. I recently heard from Sean McCabe, "if you're not growing your business, then you're going out of business." True enough, I suppose. What the heck am I doing? Well, Flourish is giving me a lot to think about. Check out the details here.

Just what is my business? Well, I've been mostly a service provider – workshops, graphic designs and calligraphy/lettering, but I've had a calling on my heart for the last three years to pursue something a bit different. Darn it, fear has paralyzed me for so long! Perfection has stifled my productivity. But, in 2018 I just have to get brave! This is something that Scott and I will work together as a side hustle –work with our hands and our whole hearts to produce good fruit. And though I'm not ready to go into much detail, I know 2018 is the year that I step towards this goal...and keep moving towards it. Let's do this!

Oh, and if you're interested, I've got a super quick survey you can help me out with. Complete it by Friday the 19th to be entered to win a $25 Amazon gift card! Yay! Here's the link.