She Has Fire in Her Soul


She has fire in her soul and grace in her heart. 

I SO love this quote! I created this piece for Better Homes and Garden's online content last year for some Mother's Day Printables but thought it so fitting right now! So I created a FREE LOCK SCREEN / WALLPAPER download for y'all! This fits most smart phones and you can crop to fit as needed.

Coming into a new year, I've been setting goals and dreaming, making lists and trying to figure out how to take actionable steps toward these goals. I've got this little jewel to remind me to keep that fire stoked! What are some actions you're working toward in 2018?

Countdown to Graduation…27 days

Can't wait to get off of this crazy train (college mama) and be done with school. My degree culminates in a thesis presentation and a portfolio review. The last few weeks have been terribly busy what with my own school, my job and the kids and their activities…so its been a lot of late nights into the wee hours, coffee and computering. Here's a peek at a #wip of an illustrations for my thesis...

I'm pretty excited about all the finished pieces…seven days to finish my thesis. I'll be updating my site because it has to be complete by the 21st per a class assignment. Working on that today...