Modern Calligraphy -BIG NEWS!!! Dates posted!

I'm bubbling over…absolutely, thrilled. A few months ago, Trisha at Shindig Paperie asked if I'd be interested in teaching her Modern Calligraphy class. Granted I'm a lettering artist, designer and have spent several years studying pointed pen calligraphy- I was humbled and absolutely over the moon excited! I mean, duh, I LOVE LETTERS. So much.

So it's been a while in the planning, and we've gotten it on the calendar! We have two dates available - September 11th (Thursday evening) and September 14th (Sunday afternoon) to help accommodate our new calligraphers! You can visit the page here for all the details and get registered! 

Stay tuned- I will be adding more dates for those interested in the River Valley too! Our class at Inscriptions was so lovely! I know about a half dozen gals who are total ink-junkies now! Its so fun to see creativity in bloom! 


MakeShoppe - creative musings

It's been a bit since I've updated. I've been blogging regularly at - a collab venture I've started with a dear, old (young) friend ;) My creative snowball has been gaining speed lately and I've been producing some fun things, sharing my love of creating with willing souls and well, I've been super busy too! I've started working toward my dream of a studio/makerie by just digging in and scheduling creative workshops--which I'm calling MakeShoppes-- on sewing, crafting and calligraphy. 

2014-07-15 07.35.32.jpg

I'm pretty excited. If you're interested in the calligraphy workshop (July 29th) or scheduling a private party/girls night to learn about calligraphy -- definitely get in touch! 

Sew Crafty is a MakeShoppe where we'll create this classy home decor piece with a verse I penned exclusively for the design. It's all done in gorgeous linen and neutral shades and the class will learn five different techniques for easy-to-sew fabric flowers, making straps and ruffles. This past week it was all about pillow in the Basic Sewing MakeShoppes.

2014-07-26 12.48.45.jpg

I love that I've had some time to pursue some creative projects, work with my hands and renew my creative spirit! I love that my skills as a maker only strengthen my skills as a designer and vice-versa. 

Doodles and designs

I've had a few custom design requests that have been fun and unique...


 ...had to come up with a classy Hereford bull for a custom job and this was my first rodeo using watercolor. It actually turned out pretty sweet!


I used the floral design on both the bull design (I'll share finished work later) and another custom is a printed version that is a work in progress...


loving how this is coming- it will be 16x20 on a wrapped canvas. 


been super inspired lately... recently tidied up this wall into office. Fun things to come this summer! 

Setting up shop...

Over the years I've dabbled in selling my work. Mostly it is humbling and wonderful to know that folks care about it at all-- and its been fun playing store on Etsy over the years. I haven't been sure that I really wanted to pursue Etsy - but I think I've decided that it's going to be the best path for me to showcase my work in a marketplace.  So I invite you to check out my shop, I'm extending my brand over that way to offer prints and stationery items for sale. Love to hear suggestions on what you might want to see! This print is NEW and in the shop now along with several others!


Love that phrase - the reminds me so much of life, my life especially. So my story continues as I am now DONE with my undergrad and have a bachelor degree in graphic design in my HOT little hand. do I feel? Well, I definitely do feel more confident and legit...but there's still a million things to learn and experience. Still a million minutes of practicing- experimenting. Mostly I feel relieved that I can pursue these things without the burden of attending classes full time! I've made the decision to split time at the print shop and my home office in order to allow time for freelance work with DaySpring and other clients. So far this first week has been awesome! I had a couple of hot jobs-quick turn around time and it reminded me of old times at BHG Scrapbooks etc...working on a tight deadline…what can I say, anyone who knows me -knows I can produce under pressure!


Some logo concepts/sketches for another designer I'm collaborating with. And below a hand-lettered t-shirt design for a local musician who's just released his first single! Exciting!  


Love the process...looking back on the iterations, interactions with the client and truly trying to capture the essence of something. Go and download his first single here - excuse the pun but "he rocks!" This shirt will make sense after you listen to this song: Luke Pruitt Music I'm loving his groove…very Van Morrison- classic. Hence the shirt design, simple, classic- unisex. I can't wait to get one ;) Special thanks to my friend Trisha at Shindig Paperie for the referral!


One week to go...



Headed to Fay-town this morning to check out the farmers market, visit my favorite little creative nook- Shindig Paperie --and got to spend time with my little mermaid friend (Jordan) and my sister (Jenny Beth)!!!

The trip inspired me to put together the invitation above -which has been in my head for a started as a doodle in my school notes... 


It's so fun whe these things come to life-- still have some tweaks, but turned out to fun fun and something I could use for a party I'm giving this next week (luckily everybody already knows about it!)

I have some very exciting things in the works!!! Both work opportunities and personal projects- only one week until I'm full force to chase down all these dreams and I'm looking forward to sharing good news!!! 


 ...and Oops...I bought a few cards at Shindig 😁

Inspired by a little girl- Mother's Day musings

As I sit here pondering my next move- I got an email from an old friend. #Alt Summit believes every mother counts -- and it brought me out of my funk and back to reality.

Years of hard work, sacrifice, passion…culminate in finally getting the degree I was after.

And it was all inspired by a little girl.

A tiny little girl that came to me- a gift in so many ways…Sara Jayne.


Not only did she bring me smiles, joy and treasured memories…she encouraged gifts I had within me, she made me discover my own talents and I literally found my creative self…all because of her. No ordinary store bought things quite unique enough for Sara…which led me to designing her custom baby book, sewing little frocks and taking millions of photos of this sweet, precious little angel. 

Now- over fifteen years later…I've just finished my graphic design degree and if there's anyone that I should thank first, thank most…it's Sara Jayne. She's got that creative spirit, she's beautiful, intelligent, kind and driven. She's wise beyond her years, an old soul, she's got a million gifts to offer...

and she gave the first one to me, her Mama.

#Alt Summit believes every mother counts

Drumroll please!!!



After over a year of kicking this project around, refining ideas, research, feeling passionate about the topic, hating the whole thing, and loving it in the end...I give you my thesis project. 

A series of illustrations or "letter-strations" I call them-- inspired by a brief text I wrote at a workshop in Lexington, Kentucky last year with renowned book artist Susan King. I hand-bound the work in a 8 1/2 x 11 flat back case binding...and I think it turned out pretty nice. This is the collection of illustrations contained within...



it reads like a story from starting from top- left to right. I also produced a coil bound mini- book version and bound my thesis paper in yellow. I printed in canvas three of my favorites-- 16 x 20. 

Love to hear your thoughts? 


Shiny New Medal



So I was humbled and honored to be chosen to receive this award by the graphic design faculty at University of Arkansas- Fort Smith...I'm sure there's a few that deserve it more than I- we have such a talented group. Lucky world -our little collective of students are some of the finest. Big things in the future for them.

Look at me in the midst of these braniacs...and Dr. Beran ;)