Calligraphy - Private Lesson {one on one}


Calligraphy - Private Lesson {one on one}


Whether you simply want to address your holiday cards or use calligraphy to style your upcoming wedding- a private lesson is the perfect place to start. This personal, intensive lesson ensures one on one instruction to teach the fundamentals and techniques to start your calligraphy practice successfully.

We can work in a space that is comfortable for you  - the coffee shop or my home base. Want to make it a party, see my Private Lesson Parties! 

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You'll enjoy my undivided attention and instruction, we'll sip coffee (or whatever your favorite beverage is), nibble on scrumptious snacks as we work, and, oh – yes! AND I'll share as much as I possibly can with you about calligraphy!

This three hour lesson will be a fun, productive and intensive session (see, that's why we need good snacks and treats) where I'll meet you exactly where you are in your experience whether you're a beginner or have some spent some time with calligraphy or lettering arts. For the beginner, I'll provide a solid foundation, answer every question, demonstrate my favorite, quality tools and give you all the resources you need to get started in your calligraphy practice. We'll work together, completely hands on from the most basic principles to the beautiful details. The beauty of this is, I will tailor this experience to your skill level and preferences. Do you want to work more with brush lettering and watercolor medium? Then we'll focus on those tools and techniques! Do you want to master traditional or modern calligraphy techniques...then that's what we'll do!

For a bit more experienced students, we'll work on particular areas of interest, whether it be a particular medium, tool or style. This is a very customizable experience for the student so upon signing up, I'll provide a questionnaire to qualify how to best serve YOU, the student.

(may vary depending on student's preferences)

  • 44 page Modern Calligraphy Work Book by Janna Wilson
  • Quick Reference Exemplar
  • Straight Nib Holder/Staff
  • Oblique Nib Holder
  • Brush Pen
  • (2) Nibs
  • Gridded practice pad (80 sheets)
  • Project Paper Samples
  • Bottle of Ink 

$150 per student (includes supplies)
(pre-payment one week in advance of workshop date required - prefer to mail a check or pay cash, that's totally fine)
– As a private lesson student, I'm happy to schedule future lessons in increments of 2 hours at $70 per session
– Want to bring a friend? Pricing for two friends is $125 each (email for more info)

The possibilities are absolutely endless with calligraphy. From simple place cards and beautifully addresses envelopes, calligraphy has so many applications. Modern calligraphy is the neo-traditionalist hobby that is attainable for anyone with the motivation and the right tool kit to get started successfully! I'm so excited to share my knowledge of the craft with others - I feel strongly about handmade, simple and elegantand calligraphy is just that.  My goal is to get students started out with the correct techniques, quality supply recommendations and a thorough understanding of the fundamentals.

The workshop experience is hands on – while I explain and demonstrate techniques and guide you through the alphabet from A to Z. You're encouraged to find your own personal lettering style and with practice and motivation you can become more comfortable and fluent as a calligrapher. You'll be provided with a tool kit of high quality, beginner-friendly tools and supplies. Your kit of supplies will take you through hours of practice as you develop your new skill. 

I'm open to other options as well! Please email me if you have any interest in scheduling a workshop. A private workshop experience is a great gift for friends, family or co-workers during the Holiday Season! Also a great team-building experience.  Have a question? Email Janna!

Hi I’m Janna! I’ve been teaching creative workshops for over 16 years, both locally, nationally and for major craft manufacturers and publications such as Fiskars and Better Homes and Gardens' craft titles. Incidentally, creative lettering was one of the first classes I taught all those years ago at a scrapbook store in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Over the years, I’ve continued to develop my design and lettering skills and I’m now able to use them in my graphic design work and commissioned pieces. I started with pointed pen calligraphy in 2012 and I’m mostly self taught through many hours of practice, classes, readings and trial and error. I love sharing my experience with letter arts through workshops and demonstrations.