Modern Calligraphy 2-Part Series
to Oct 18

Modern Calligraphy 2-Part Series

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I'm so excited to be hosted by Studio 22 in Springdale, AR! I’m teaching a two-part workshop, breaking this comprehensive learning opportunity into two- 2 1/2 hr sessions will slow the pace a bit, add teaching time as well as the opportunity to return to class with questions!

Session 1: Thursday, October 11 from 6-8:30

We’ll focus on supplies, position, grip, mechanics of the pointed pen, technique and mark making and basic strokes to practice

Session 2: Thursday, October 18 from 6-8:30

This session will go more in-depth as we practice a - z miniscule letter forms, allow time for Q+A, discuss layout and letterforms and capitals in more detail

All supplies are included in $125 registration fee!

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